Furniture design software DESIGN SINTEZ

Design Sintez Professional

Design Sintez Professional is an a upgrade of Design Sintez Standard which extending the functionality of the product. The new features that it provides are:

  • Increases the variety of designs that can be created.
  • New features added to calculate the cost of labor and products.
  • Calculation of additional costs in pricing.
  • Direct export to external cutting software applications - Giben, Ardis, HolzHer, VCarve PRO and ect.
  • Attachment of fixture and slides to drawers.
  • Personal dimensioning of the details with holes for installation of fixture.
  • Direct export to programs for center machines and router for vertical drilling.
  • Draws details of nonrectangular shape on the Cutting map and  Export to VCarve Pro for details Bottom, Top, Shelves, Left and Right end panels.

Attention! Design Sintez Professional is not included in the standard package and is installed independently as a separate installation. For more information, please contact us.